Undead Ned Stark of Winterfell

I, Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell, Warden of the North, have risen from the grave to haunt everyones behinds.

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lyannastarkofthenorth : Hello, brother. I can't say I am glad to see here so soon.

Sister [ smiles slightly, but warmly ] I feel the same.

can a man still be brave if he’s afraid?
that is the only time a man can be brave.

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I know you have it.

…Be specific.

housestarkpride replied to your post: Dad!
Indeed! -smiles back at him- Where have you been?

I’ve.. been around. [ reaches to pat his shoulder. stopping ].. You’re as tall as i am.


[ smiles ]

I have not seen you in a while.

maimedlion : GIVE IT BACK

… what?

On behalf of your votes for the group member survey, cattullystark and undeadned have won third place for the best RP couple category.

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On behalf of your votes for the group member survey, cattullystark and undeadned have won third place for the best RP couple category.
Days Long Gone | Chapter VIII : Eddard

He chuckled softly, ” Raced? Yes, I used to race with my brother and sister when we were about your age. And i am glad that you and your parents feel that way, though i should still apologise for not receiving a family such as yours properly,”

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princessselia : alliance

Alliance: I will write our characters making a common cause - willingly or reluctantly.

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He did not recognise her at first, for he had only met her once during the tourney at Harrenhall, and even then, only briefly. But his memory was sharpened somewhat by death, and he knew without a doubt that this was Princess Elia Martell, Rheagar’s wife who was killed by the Mountain during the sack of King’s Landing.

And here they were, both dead. What should he say? Was there anything to be said? Should he apologise that it was his sister that Rhaegar chose to love? Or should he apologise that he was on Robert’s side of the Rebellion? There was nothing to say.

But she was the one who spoke first, ” What ever that has happened is now in the past. I do not blame you for anything, Lord Eddard,”

Lord Eddard. It had been a long time since anyone had called him that. Not since the death of his lord father and brother. It almost made him feel young again, “I thank you. But i hope that you do not bear my sister any ill will,”

She fell silent at that, but only for a moment, ” I was angry at her for a long while, before i accepted the fact, and my death,”

He simply bowed his head at that and said nothing.

" Dying was easy. Painful.. but easy," She sighed and glanced down at her palms, " Death was not so. It is long and draining, to hold onto that anger," She looked up at him, " Is that what is keeping you here?"

" .. Partly," He replied slowly, " I’m here for my family. To see them return to Winterfell safe. To help them,"

" Are you sure? That you your prescence here helps them?"

" I know .. that i’m making it harder for them when the day comes when i finally have to leave,"

" Harder for them, or for you?" When he gave her no answer, she continued, " It is difficult to let go, i understand, but you must. You may say that you will leave once your family is safe. But when that day comes you will want to stay for longer, perhaps until your children give you grandsons or granddaughters, then after you will want to stay to see them grow into adulthood. It will never end. You will linger here until the end of time if you do not take care,"

" Until all of them are safe in Winterfell," He repeated, his voice firm. Then, he closed his eyes.

" Would you like me to help you keep that vow?"

He looked at her, ” Please,”

She nodded and gave him a sad smile, ” Then, i will,”

thekingrenly : Family

Family: I will write a family-moment between our characters.

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Ned will not say it, but he was glad that Renly extended an invitation to join him riding in the Kingswood for the day. The fresh air and the rustling of leaves above him was a welcome reprieve from the bustle and stink of Kings Landing. A very welcome reprieve.

He straightened in his saddle and slowed his destrier into a walk to wait for Renly and the rest of their party, which consisted mainly of his and Renly’s household guards and the Knight of Flowers. When they caught up with him, Renly grinned, ” Eager to be out of your office, Lord Stark?”

A faint smile appeared across his face despite himself, ” The air is much freer here. I appreciate the change, yes,”

" No doubt you appreciate the escape from all the paper work, "

" Very much so,"

" Well, there is a bit of a trail here," Renly jerked his chin forward and Ned saw a dirt path winding through the forest, " Shall we race to the end of it?" He did not wait for an answer and kicked his dappled grey into a gallop and Ned quickly followed suit.

There was so much of Renly that reminded him of Robert. Physically, Renly was Robert 15 years ago. The same face, the same smile. Renly even had his brother’s charisma and way with people, and perhaps that was why Ned felt so relaxed around him. The only difference was that Renly did not have any of Robert’s vices or habits of drinking and wenching. And he was glad of that.

There were a several points on the path that was too narrow for two to ride abreast, so he was forced to maintain his pace behind Renly’s courser, but he was not looking to compete anyway. But there were a few points where the shrubs were thin on one side of the path where Ned took the opportunity to urge his horse faster to overtake Renly who laughed whenever he did and made attempt after attempt to do the same to him. Twice, he succeeded, but as they came to the end of the trail, Ned was the one riding ahead.

He reined his chestnut in and slowed, letting out a breath, smiling, ” You had the faster horse, Lord Renly,”

" But it would seem that you have proven to be the better rider," Renly replied, breathless and laughing, " For now,"

" What? You plan to race back to the other end?" He chuckled, taking a moment to draw a deep breath.

" Perhaps. But not so soon, Lord Stark," Renly said, patting his dapple grey’s neck, " We still have half a day, at least, to spend, before returning to Kings Landing,"

They were trotting through the forest now and when Ned turned to glance over his shoulder, he could see the rest of the group riding some distance behind them. Once, they spotted a doe and her fawn dash through the forest, to which Renly said, ” Even if we brought our spears, I will not hunt them,” And Ned wondered if that compassion was another thing that separated Renly from the King, or if it was simply a matter of superstition or belief. He remembered that Renly was probably a small child when Lord and Lady Baratheon drowned in the sea. He never knew his parents.

" Do you ever wish that your brothers had loved you?" He found himself asking after a long silence.

" Hm? I suppose.. for a long time, yes, but i suppose i grew out of pining for it," His shoulders gave a light shrug, " I learnt to go through life without it,"

Ned nodded.

" Robert thinks you as his brother more than me or Stannis," He turned to him, smiling, " Please do not take that the wrong way, Lord Stark,"
" You do not have to worry your self about that. I took no offence," He paused, waiting to see if Renly had anything to add, before continuing, " I never understood why Robert was never close with either of you. As boys, Brandon was my closest friend and even when we were fostered at different ends of Westeros, he always made it a point to send a raven or two every month. And so did i. Benjen as well, even after he has taken the Black,"

" You are fortunate to have such brothers," Renly turned his head away, " And I didn’t really understand why either. For a while i thought he hated me, then i realised he never cared enough to hate me,"

That made him quiet for a moment as he tried to imagine himself in Renly’s shoes. He shook his head, the thought made him feel horrible and made his heart twist in his chest, ” If Robert is my brother, it makes you my brother as well,” He said, quieter than he meant to, but Renly looked to him all the same.

" I suppose it does," He replied, his blue eyes smiling, " Then, I shall consider you my brother in spirit if not by blood, Lord Stark,"

" Ned," He said, " Friends and family call me Ned,"

" Allright then, Ned," He grinned, " I’ll race you back to the gates. The last one to pass will have to treat the winner to supper,"